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No minimum costs, no lock-in contracts, and no hidden fees. With Monime, you only pay for successful transactions.


  • Full access to all features
  • Pay per transaction only
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  • Easy to setup
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Volume Pricing

Monime has a volume pricing available for businesses that process more than Le1,000,000 monthly.

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Transaction Costs

Payment MethodMarketPer Transaction
Orange Money
Sierra LeoneLe0.4
Sierra LeoneLe0.4

Fantastic features

Save valuable time with our powerful features, helping you to connect, protect, and grow your business more efficiently.

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One single contract for all payment methods.

We offer all our payment methods through one contract. That way you have one central point for all your questions about payments. We make sure that the connection to these payment methods is secure, stable, and built for high volume.

Recurring supports any subscription model, without the extra costs.

Just like Payments, Recurring has no sign-up costs, lock-in contracts, or hidden fees. You only pay the applicable payment method fee for successful transactions. Recurring payments are collected through mobile money.

Manage your refunds quickly and easily in Dashboard

Did the sale not work out as expected? You can easily refund transactions in your Dashboard for just 0.5%. Whether you need a part of a full refund or even a refund extra to cover shipping costs, everything is managed with a few clicks.